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When Hurricane Katrina passed through Broward County on August 25, most residents spent the night huddled around battery-powered radios eating Doritos. But for the 24-hour party people behind Crush Thursdays, not even a power outage could stop the rock. Armed with a generator and a healthy mix of indie, punk, and hip-hop CDs, the Crush DJs carried on, and the night was saved. So as we recover from Katrina's evil stepsister, Wilma (insert cuss-filled exclamation here), there's a good chance that the Crush Two-Year Anniversary Party will go down as planned tonight at the Rose & Crown Pub (3680 W. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale). In addition to the Crush DJs, tonight's shindig offers a special live treat, as Miami's Awesome New Republic busts out its soul-flavored electro dance-rock. The night starts at 10 p.m. As always, admission is $5. Call 954-731-6245, or visit (JB)


They look cute now... but wait till the characters in Hair High start decomposing.
They look cute now... but wait till the characters in Hair High start decomposing.

Long lines at gas stations, weird stuff floating in our drinking water, and the frustration at having missed the World Series — it's enough to turn even the most kind-hearted person into a vengeful rage-aholic. But that's OK... you only need a release. And this weekend, you'll get it at Bicentennial Park (301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami), which hosts the National Professional Paintball League Super 7 World Series of Paintball. Today through Sunday, teams from Miami to Los Angeles convene to dole out an ass-beating on their opponents, vying for some of that sweet prize money (upward of $40,000). The seven-member teams compete on six bunker-clad fields, taking aim to paint the enemy black and blue before capturing their flags. Will the Miami Rage channel its post-Wilma demons and take the title? There's only one way to find out. Call 305-358-7550, or visit (JB)


Follow Poppy Champlin's example and look at rising gasoline prices her way. She told the online 'zine Lesbians Come Out Laughing that it's "not like when you have to buy a new ink tank for your computer printer. How much is that? Thirty-five bucks for six ounces of ink?! Who can we go to war with over some ink? Who's got the ink?" Champlin is equally adept at ragging on the government, firing off X-rated sex stories (some of which are about her experiences as a lesbian), and finding the humor in everyday stuff. About bathing suit shopping, she lamented, "I couldn't get the one-piece [or] the two-piece. I had to buy the three-piece. You know the three-piece — top, bottom, and the curtain. Those curtains are dangerous, too. When you're swimming, they float on top of the water. You're swimming and you're sucking in your curtain at the same time. On the other hand, they do have their uses. I caught a fish in my curtain. And I was fat and I was hungry, so I ate it. Right then and there." Champlin, who is actually thin and blond, cracks out the jokes in the Duncan Theatre at Palm Beach Community College (4200 Congress Ave., Lake Worth) at 8 and 9:30 p.m. Tickets cost $15. Call 561-868-3309, or visit (DF)


How come you should never take a shower with a Pokemon? He might Pikachu! Ha ha! Okay, if you get that, pull together your best Sailor Moon getup and slip on down to the Chibi-Pa Anime and Culture Festival at the West Palm Beach Marriott (1001 Okeechobee Blvd.) Saturday and/or today. The event features everything that's Japanese and cool, like taiko drummers, anime screenings, sumo wrestling, and Yugi-Oh tournaments. It's attracting anime freaks of all ages, including Man-Faye, an infamous conventioneer who's been kicked out of several cons for dressing like sexy Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop — but refusing to shave his legs. Everybody loves the cosplay contests, where attendees dress up as their favorite character, then judges toss out a situation and the player acts as his/her character would, kind of like charades. Event organizer Jason Bailey says he's going to "get drunk the night before and come up with all the skits." For the hardcore, there's even a "cosplay triathlon." Just don't expect to impress anyone if you come as someone from Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi — Bailey groans, "Oh my God, that's not even Japanese!" A $15 ticket gets you in for either or both days. Call 561-797-9492, or visit (DF)


Before there was Jackass, there were the CKY videos — Bam Margera's stunt-filled skate flicks. Being the good brother he is, Bam named the videos after his sibling's band, Camp Kill Yourself. Though fronted by a non-Margera (Deron Miller), only a jackass would deny that having Bam's brother Jess as a drummer has been part and parcel of CKY's success. OK, so it helps that the band does something innovative with its grungy alt-metal sound, even if it doesn't live up to its own self-generated hype. Speaking of hype, CKY is scheduled to appear next week on NBC's Last Call With Carson Daly. That'll probably go over better than when the band opened for Guns N' Roses' ill-fated 2002 tour. CKY sets up camp tonight at the Culture Room (3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale). Tickets cost $14.99 to $16. The show starts at 7 p.m. with Fireball Ministry. Call 954-564-1074, or visit (JB)

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