The Bad Bet

It turns out murdered gambling boss Gus Boulis had plenty to hide

A tall man with disheveled brown hair, Lundin has been a community activist in Hollywood for more than a decade. He was among those who spoke at City Commission meetings trying to convince the mayor and commissioners to kick Boulis' Sun Cruz out of town. Like the confidential source who went to FDLE in February 1998, Lundin speculated that Boulis was bribing members of the Hollywood City Commission. But he could never prove it.

"The funny thing is that I respected Gus Boulis," Lundin says. "He was a powerful Greek man who came from nothing — a fascinating character."

Last year, Lundin self-published a screenplay, Hollywood Gambler: The Gus Boulis Story, which portrays Boulis' life in South Florida and theorizes that the gambling mogul was murdered by a crooked mayor and two slimy lobbyists.

"But it looks like I got it wrong," Lundin admits. "They didn't murder Boulis."

He pauses.

"There are always stories about the Mob being involved whenever you have gambling, especially unregulated gambling," Lundin says. "Maybe Boulis was closer to the Mob than anyone has realized."

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