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WED 23

Hockey — the new baseball?
Hockey — the new baseball?

DJ Khaled, who controls the airwaves on WEDR 99 Jamz is throwing a party to "celebrate life and music in honor of his existence," according to the invitation. As the man who decides which records get airplay and which ones get thrown in the trash bin, he is perhaps the most powerful man in Miami. He has friends in high places too: Funkmaster Flex is, like, his BFF, and Shaq was going to host tonight's party but, alas, had to cancel. Khaled is of Palestinian descent, and in addition to running a radio station, he operates a recording studio in a secret locale; its name is "Jerusalem." Tonight's party at Mansion (1235 Washington Ave., Miami Beach), accordingly, is called The Temple, and a load of Khaled's disciples will perform: Lil Wayne, T.I., PSC, Young Jeezy, Fat Joe, Pitbull, and Smitty. Advance tickets cost $30. Call 305-438-9488, or visit (DF)

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