Make something out of all those years of summer tour: Fantasy RatDog lets Deadheads flaunt their skills.

February 11, 2005: The phone rings at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamaica...

Sly Dunbar: ´Ello, can mi help yuh?

Sinéad O´Connor:´Owaya, oi´m callin´ ter spake ter Mr. Sly Dunbar or Mr. Robbie Shakespeare.

SD:Dis is Sly. Who dis?

SO: ´Tis Sinad O´Connor callin´ — yer know who oi em?

SD:Aren´t yuh dat crazy peel-head gyal from Ireland?

SO:Yeah, but please don´t say oi´m nuts; oi really ´ate dat. Oi might rip yer bake aff if yer call me nuts again.

SD:Hush, gyal. Wut can me do for yuh?

SO: Well, ah´ve decided ter coom oyt of retirement, an´ oi want ter record a whole album av reggae cover songs.

SD:Bwaaaaa hahahahahahahaahaha!

SO:Wat de ´ell are ye splittin´ yer sides at?

SD:Gyal, wut yuh naw ´bout ragga? Dis could be worse´n Willie Nelson...

SO:Oi know plenty. Ah´ve been listenin´ ter Bob Marley an´ Peter Tosh an´ Lee Perry al´ me life. Nigh oi want yer an´ Robbie ter ´elp me make a new album. ´Ill yer do it?

SD:Well, come on yahso and we´ll see what we kyan do...

SO:Dead on, oi´ll be down dare next month.

March 17, 2005: Recording sessions forThrow Down Your Arms, day five...

SD:Dawta, why dun yuh try singin´ ¨Jah Nuh Dead¨ one mer tim?

SO:Oi´ll sin´ it again if yer want... ¨Meet me at de bank av de bonny river when yisser journey ´as end/Oi and Oi ´ill discuss aboyt dis mutter/Jah naw dead, Jah naw dead...¨ ´Ey, wat de fook ye two ´ootin´ an´ ´ollerin´ aboyt?

SD:¨Oi an´ oi¨? ¨Oi an´ Oi¨??? Bwaaaaa hahahahahaahaha!

SO:´At de fook yer expect; oi´m Oirish!

SD:Bwaaaa hahahahahahahaha. Lawd muh Gawd!

SO:Ah yeah? Yer guys are gonna slag me? Well watch dis!

SD:Nooooo, dun tear up dat photo of Haile Selassie!!! Dawta, yuh need tuh chill. Smoke summa dis.

SO:Ahhhhhhh — that´s really grand! Oi can feel de Rasta vibe nigh. ´Tis loike oi´m communicatin´ wit Marcus Garvey ´imself! Let me try ter sin´ it again... ¨Meet me at the bank of the beautiful river when your journey has end/I and I will discuss about this matter...¨

SD:Irie! Nuh if only mi can get yuh ta spring sum dreadlocks outta dat crazy head! Michael Alan Goldberg

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