Make something out of all those years of summer tour: Fantasy RatDog lets Deadheads flaunt their skills.

I and Irish

In what will inevitably go down as one of 2005´s most unlikely collaborations, aging Irish songstress Sinéad O´Connor teamed up with legendary Jamaican reggae producers/musicians Sly and Robbie to make Throw Down Your Arms, O´Connor´s improbable new reggae album and her first release since she announced she was quitting the music business for good in 2003. Outtakes recently unearthed some tapes that might shed light on the creative process.

February 11, 2005: The phone rings at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamaica...

Sly Dunbar: ´Ello, can mi help yuh?

Sinéad O´Connor: ´Owaya, oi´m callin´ ter spake ter Mr. Sly Dunbar or Mr. Robbie Shakespeare.

SD: Dis is Sly. Who dis?

SO: ´Tis Sinad O´Connor callin´ — yer know who oi em?

SD: Aren´t yuh dat crazy peel-head gyal from Ireland?

SO: Yeah, but please don´t say oi´m nuts; oi really ´ate dat. Oi might rip yer bake aff if yer call me nuts again.

SD: Hush, gyal. Wut can me do for yuh?

SO: Well, ah´ve decided ter coom oyt of retirement, an´ oi want ter record a whole album av reggae cover songs.

SD: Bwaaaaa hahahahahahahaahaha!

SO: Wat de ´ell are ye splittin´ yer sides at?

SD: Gyal, wut yuh naw ´bout ragga? Dis could be worse´n Willie Nelson...

SO: Oi know plenty. Ah´ve been listenin´ ter Bob Marley an´ Peter Tosh an´ Lee Perry al´ me life. Nigh oi want yer an´ Robbie ter ´elp me make a new album. ´Ill yer do it?

SD: Well, come on yahso and we´ll see what we kyan do...

SO: Dead on, oi´ll be down dare next month.

March 17, 2005: Recording sessions for Throw Down Your Arms, day five...

SD: Dawta, why dun yuh try singin´ ¨Jah Nuh Dead¨ one mer tim?

SO: Oi´ll sin´ it again if yer want... ¨Meet me at de bank av de bonny river when yisser journey ´as end/Oi and Oi ´ill discuss aboyt dis mutter/Jah naw dead, Jah naw dead... ¨ ´Ey, wat de fook ye two ´ootin´ an´ ´ollerin´ aboyt?

SD: ¨Oi an´ oi¨? ¨Oi an´ Oi¨??? Bwaaaaa hahahahahaahaha!

SO: ´At de fook yer expect; oi´m Oirish!

SD: Bwaaaa hahahahahahahaha. Lawd muh Gawd!

SO: Ah yeah? Yer guys are gonna slag me? Well watch dis!

SD: Nooooo, dun tear up dat photo of Haile Selassie!!! Dawta, yuh need tuh chill. Smoke summa dis.

SO: Ahhhhhhh — that´s really grand! Oi can feel de Rasta vibe nigh. ´Tis loike oi´m communicatin´ wit Marcus Garvey ´imself! Let me try ter sin´ it again... ¨Meet me at the bank of the beautiful river when your journey has end/I and I will discuss about this matter...¨

SD: Irie! Nuh if only mi can get yuh ta spring sum dreadlocks outta dat crazy head! — Michael Alan Goldberg

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