Madonna in Exile

It's a big deal that Broward was chosen to debut Madonna's CD, isn't it?

Robert, meanwhile, couldn´t help feeling that his heroine was present, somehow. ¨She was here in spirit. She is truly a spirit. She shares her experience in her music and poetry. She´s accessible as an artist. If Madonna was here, we would bow to her.¨

Well, apparently Miss Ciccone couldn´t make it across the pond to join the party. But at least she´d thought enough of Broward to launch things on the western periphery of our suburban sprawl. And hey, was it a good thing that SoBe-style snobs, hot DJs, and bona fide culture vultures were bouncing around Broward?

Sure, why not? Throw a little spice into our nightlife smorgasbord. I´ll bite.

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