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What's a girl to do when a guy is a charging bull?

"I heard Cancer guys are a nightmare," I replied, "but I've always wanted to try one."

"No, it's female Cancers that are bad," he insisted. "Stay away from them."

Jackie (another Gemini), a 24-year-old second-year law student, denied that a guy's birth date had anything to do with her predilections. "I never think about what sign a guy is. And if you asked me whether it's bullshit or not, I'd say it was bullshit. I'm not very gullible."

Oh really? "As a Gemini," I told her, "I find myself always drawn to Taurus and Sagittarius. Taurus is a petulant baby that clings to possessions. Sag is an older soul, but two-personed like a Gemini. A Sagittarius can see both sides of Gemini, predict them, and control them."

"My boyfriend, well sort of, is a Sagittarius," she said after I was done with my dissertation. "He's the only person who can control me."

And after she agreed with me on that point, the more we talked, Jackie had to admit that she was more ruled by the stars than she had claimed.

Still, no woman I spoke to said that they would flat out reject a guy because of his sign. Take Chrissy, for instance, a 23-year-old blond Sagittarius with Scarlett Johansson eyes, whom I met at Bull Bar. She's dating an Aries.

"We're not supposed to match. But we do. We work so well together, it's uncanny. One of us always compromises. We always like the same things. We're so alike, but we're so different."

An unfavorable match, according to the stars, but Chrissy sees fit to have her Earth fling anyway.

Get all your laughs in while you can, Chrissy. But watch your delicate little back. The wrath of the gods is a (three-headed) bitch (with razor teats).

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