Far From Benign

Is South Florida's most notorious pimp peddling a fake cancer cure?

But even if Vanmoor is still in the Low Countries, someone local is answering cancercure.org's phones. When Moss called the website's 800 number, a gum-smacking young woman listened to his (true) story about a friend with terminal cancer. "She assured me they'd be cured within six weeks," Moss says. When a New Times reporter called the same number, a woman answered with "Flu Fighter Laboratories," and the sound of ringing phones could be heard in the background. When she was asked about the effectiveness of Cancer Control, the woman placed the caller on hold for several minutes before the call was disconnected.

Moss, who searches out and investigates alternative medicines, says, "I've always considered myself sort of a friendly skeptic, but I'm not feeling too friendly about this one." He's been researching cancer treatments for more than 30 years and says "it attracts the best and worst in mankind.

"And this is one of the worst."

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