The Folk Folks

Weaving a good tale

During the communist witch hunts of the late ´40s and early ´50s, New York folkies the Weavers had more to worry about than getting their names on a record contract. First, the group had to make sure its name stayed off a blacklist. So it wasn’t surprising when, amid pressures from the right and left, the Weavers threw in the towel in 1952. Three years later, though, the group’s manager, the late Harold Leventhal, finagled a deal with Carnegie Hall to host a Weavers reunion. The success of the ´55 reunion might have surprised some, but no one could have foreseen they’d do it all over again nearly 50 years later.

In Jim Brown’s documentary Isn’t This a Time, the Weavers join with fellow folkies Peter, Paul, and Mary; Arlo Guthrie; Leon Bibb; and others for another sold-out concert, this time in 2003. The live performances are interspersed with reminiscing about the bad old days of Sen. McCarthy, all the while paying tribute to Leventhal’s unrelenting support in the face of political opposition.

Isn’t This a Time opens Wednesday and runs through February 12 at Cinema Paradiso (503 SE Sixth St., Fort Lauderdale, 954-760-9898) and Tuesday at Palm Beach Community College's Duncan Theatre (4200 S. Congress Ave., Lake Worth, 561-868-3948).
Feb. 7-12

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