Coral Springs Cornucopia

Animal sculptures? Haiku landscapes? Book assemblages? They've got it all.

Even more effective are the etchings and engravings, some of which have an elemental earthiness. Galvanized metal, in Niederhausen's hands, becomes an enormously expressive medium, especially when the imagery remains abstract.

As if all these artistic ventures aren't enough, director O'Keefe has managed to find a few spaces between the Bradley and Niederhausen exhibits to show off some selections from the museum's permanent collection. And she still has the remains of an interactive exhibition, "The Paper Sculpture Show," crammed into the gallery behind Niederhausen's work. The show invited visitors to create their own three-dimensional paper projects using the designs and instructions of 29 artists, yielding a range of creative interpretations.

Moonie's Feelings of Nature #2: Some sort of landscape.
Moonie's Feelings of Nature #2: Some sort of landscape.
Niederhausen's Stories
Niederhausen's Stories


On display through February 18. Call 954-340-5000.
Coral Springs Museum of Art, 2855 Coral Springs Dr., Coral Springs

Finally, O'Keefe couldn't let me get away without showing off a new acquisition, a donation so recently arrived that it was still in its wooden shipping crate in the foyer. The crate contained a huge, ornately framed 1997 canvas by Romanian-born Alexandra Nechita, who turned 20 last summer and has been exhibiting since she was 9. CSMART featured her in a solo show a few years back, and while I don't share O'Keefe's enthusiasm for Nechita's Picassoesque style, she remains a hot commodity and her work a good investment. No wonder O'Keefe is excited.

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