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75K Feet, Ocean Vw

Donald Trump has a faaabulous house he wants to sell you. Is anything associated with the Donald ever smaller-than-life?

For the reality-TV illiterate, Maison de l'Amitié is the very same home that Kendra Todd, winner of Apprentice 3, was charged with refurbishing after Trump snatched it up from bankruptcy court for a paltry $41.35 million and is hoping to flip for a whopping $125 million. The 7.65-acre property features 475 feet of oceanfront, an eight-car garage, wine room, rotunda, carriage house, guesthouse, pool house, and all the perks you'd expect for a residence on Palm Beach's Billionaires' Row. (Todd, apparently overwhelmed with buying drapes and chandeliers for the mansion, didn't return Tailpipe's inquiries about touring the place.)

The list price makes it the most expensive home for sale in America, according to an annual inventory just compiled by Ultimate Homes, a Princeton, New Jersey, 'zine that caters to the mansion crowd.

Of course, Trump is the same mogul who's suing Warner Books for defaming him by underestimating his net worth. So can we say there might be a touch of hyperbole in the sales price? (Trust the 'Pipe, Trump will come down. Just make an offer.) When pressed, Ultimate Homes Publisher Rick Goodwin says he doesn't know if Trump will find a buyer. "It's not unheard-of for a property to sell for nine figures, but you can count them on one hand," Goodwin says. "This is a pretty amazing piece of property in a location where there's a significant amount of money and where there's a significant amount of interest from people with a significant amount of money from all over the world."

OK, so forget about actually buying the place. Will there be an open house? Goodwin chuckles. "Well, you're not going to be allowed through the gate until you're qualified," he says.

The property has something for the do-it-yourselfer. About 33,000 square feet of the mansion's lower level is unfinished so that the new owner can put in a theater or spa or bowling alley. In his wildest dreams, Tailpipe sees... a muffler shop.

— As told to Edmund Newton

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