The Naked Truth

While the grunts take the heat, Sheriff Jenne and the rest of the BSO brass remain unscathed by Powertrac.

Joe Isabella, the Oakland Park detective, told BSO in a Garrity statement in July 2004 that he had been trained to falsify cases. Rather than hear him out, however, BSO investigators cut short the recorded interview and suspended him without pay on the spot. A few weeks later, Isabella provided BSO with the results of a polygraph test indicating he'd told the truth. (Isabella pleaded guilty to one count of falsifying records, a misdemeanor, in April 2005, for which he received no sentence or probation. BSO fired him the same day.)

"The whole lesson here is keep your fucking mouth shut," says Jordan's attorney, Bill Amlong, with a cynical tone. "We will all hang together or surely we will all hang separately."

For the past half year, Amlong has tried to get the records of BSO's internal affairs investigations of more than two dozen officers disciplined for numbers fabrication. BSO won't release them though, even though most are complete.

Colby Katz
Sheriff Ken Jenne was riding high during a June 2002 press conference with Imam Rafiq Mahdi, but for the past two years, he's been buffeted by the Powertrac scandal.
Sheriff Ken Jenne was riding high during a June 2002 press conference with Imam Rafiq Mahdi, but for the past two years, he's been buffeted by the Powertrac scandal.

Jordan says he believes that Jenne won't release those internal investigations because the findings won't be defensible.

"Imagine you had 30 to 50 detectives under investigation," Jordan says. "Out of all those cases, how would it look to the public, to the media, if every single one of those cases had the same finding: carelessness or sloppiness? But that's the only way that Jenne and Carney could have made it look like they were not requiring people to falsify things."

At the bottom of all this, however, are the thousands of crimes that BSO wiped off the books without investigation, critics say. No one ever went out to solve those crimes. The perpetrators walk free, their victims betrayed by BSO.

Jackson argues that the citizens of Pompano Beach and Oakland Park were duped by the impressive numbers Jenne used in sales pitches.

"So if those numbers have been proven to be wrong, it was fraud, " Jackson declares. "The cities entered into fraudulent contracts. They should really be suing Ken Jenne."

Jackson wrote Gov. Jeb Bush last fall asking him to remove Jenne from office. An attorney from Bush's office wrote back that FDLE is conducting "a criminal investigation into allegations of wrongdoing" concerning Jenne.

But why, Jackson asks, hasn't Jenne been removed from office during the investigation, as was the case with Broward elections supervisor Miriam Oliphant while she was investigated?

Jordan, who's read every word of every document that's become public concerning the Powertrac scandal, doesn't expect investigators will find a smoking-gun memo overtly implicating the sheriff. "You won't find Jenne or Carney's name on anything that says, 'Please use false confessions to clear crimes,'" he says. "But the totality of all the circumstances, all their bullshit and lies, it all adds up. I can only conclude that they all knew."

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