Waking Up With ...

Morningwood plays with the Sounds and Action Action

Hey, cool kids, a hot new New York City band is playing down here in South Florida! But wait, before you start yelling Stellastarr* like Al Pacino ranting Attica or yawn about the endless parade of nondelivering neo-neo-neo-new-wave bands, take a listen and a look. Blessed with the wholesome shock of a John Waters' film, Morningwood produces adolescent sex-rock thrills like AC/DC backing Chrissie Hynde with songs such as "New York Girls" and "Nth Degree." Frontwoman Chantal Claret struts it gleefully well, while the rest of the band knows to keep the power chords fast, the bass deep, and the drums heavy. These guys describe their sound as "a monster truck rally having tantric sex with a Bond girl." Released in January, Morningwood's eponymous debut might not actually offer much insight into the uses of high-concept-design motorized devices in the boudoir, but the chance to bang a gong and get it on is certainly in the offing when the band plays live.

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