What's a Little Medicare Fraud Between Friends?

Candidate Jim Waldman makes excuses for his ex-con buddy.

After I reeled off the facts about the federal case and Waldman, Shiffrel said only: "Let the people of Wynmoor decide, let the people of Margate decide, let the people of District 95 decide."

Interesting idea. On a lark, I also called Harvey Beaber, head of the Deerfield Beach Democratic Club. Beaber, who succeeded the late political powerhouse Amadeo "Trinchi" Trinchitella in the post, doesn't live in the district, but he lives in the gigantic retirement community of Century Village and has his finger on the pulse of Broward's oldsters. I thought he might have something interesting to say. All I told him was that Waldman had a business relationship with a convicted fraud artist.

"Oh boy, you're going to get me in trouble," Beaber began. "I'm a former cop from New York, so I would be very leery of someone like that. I couldn't take a chance on recommending anybody like that."

Jim Waldman wants your vote. But earlier (following image), he wanted to wish buddy Bradley Hertz a good time in prison.
Jim Waldman wants your vote. But earlier (following image), he wanted to wish buddy Bradley Hertz a good time in prison.

Didn't sound good for Waldman. I also called Ruth Bromberg, a resident of Wynmoor who will celebrate her 80th birthday this Friday. A former New York City school teacher, Bromberg is a spirited woman and active Democrat who speaks her mind. When I so much as mentioned the state House race, she immediately told me that she was no fan of Rose and was voting for Waldman.

Then I told her the reason for my phone call. She listened to the facts and said it made an immediate impact on the way she felt about the race.

"I wish there was somebody I could wholeheartedly support, and I don't see it anywhere," Bromberg said. "I do feel less than 100 percent supportive of Jim Waldman because of that. I don't like anything of that sort. What are my alternatives? Maybe I won't vote at all."

When I mentioned the going-away party for Hertz on the yacht, Bromberg said, "I wish I would have been invited — I bet the martinis tasted great."

Then I called Randy Rudolph, president of the Palm Aire Democratic Club, which is also located in Waldman's district. He told me he hadn't made up his mind who to support. After I told him about Waldman and Hertz, he sounded a little closer to a decision.

"I think that will make a big difference with the people in Palm Aire when it comes out," Rudolph said. "In politics, you have to be clean. You can't preach one way with one side of your mouth and then do something else when people aren't watching."

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