Who Do I Have to Whack to Raise My Google Profile?

Radio right-winger Doug Goetzloe tries another political hit for Internet ratings.

"The state Legislature agreed to the language in the law, so they must think there's a place for it," says Tauber, a pool hall owner who calls Guetzloe a freedom fighter. "We're following the law of the land that we live in. If there's a problem with the law, then people can do something about that."

Gonot says it's not so much the law that he has a problem with — it's the fact that the opportunistic Guetzloe and his detractors in Deerfield Beach are abusing the statutes to exact revenge. "So they recall, and then what am I supposed to do? Turn around and recall somebody else?" the commissioner asks. "Where does it end?"

You get the sense that Guetzloe doesn't really care what happens in Deerfield Beach. He certainly doesn't seem to understand the nature of the conflict between Gonot and Deetjen. But then again, freedom fighters don't normally concern themselves with such pettiness.

Doug Guetzloe: Architect of half-baked political maneuvering
Doug Guetzloe
Doug Guetzloe: Architect of half-baked political maneuvering

"This is citizens taking governments back into their hands," Guetzloe pronounces. "Governments should serve at the will of the people. Sometimes that will changes. This is the purest form of democracy."

And even if that isn't true, it sure doesn't hurt that it'll be good for a few more Guetzloe Google hits.

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