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Take the next round of legislative voting. Of the 17 House seats that serve parts of Broward, eight of the incumbents — four Republicans and four Democrats — have yet to draw challengers. In fact, three of the eight — Republicans Ralph Azra and Mike Davis and Democrat Jack Seiler — weren't opposed in 2004 either. If no challengers come forward by the July 21 qualifying date, the eight lucky candidates will sail back into office without the expense of even a single lawn sign.

There's such a dearth of political competition in this year's House races that only three incumbents are being challenged. The hotly contested House seats are, of course, the vacant ones, with five of the six open seats drawing at least four candidates.

The sixth open seat, though, is further evidence of how Broward's political scene is a big club run by insiders. With Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan forced out of his District 100 seat by term limits, only one person has signed up to replace him. His name: Evan Boyd Jenne. That's, ahem, Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne's little boy.

Even with a crime-reporting scandal that leads all the way to the top of BSO, Jenne still has enough political capital in Broward to ensure that no one runs against his kid. After all, it would just be so tough for Little Jenne — a Democrat like papa — to start his political career by actually campaigning. Eeuw!

— As told to Edmund Newton

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