Dream Sluts

Slim, girlish Brooke Skye is hot porn property. Hundreds of men want her to be their girlfriend.

Skye, who asked that New Times use only her porn name, hails from Plant City, Florida, where her family has lived for several generations. About 40 miles east of Tampa, the town is surrounded by strawberry country; its water tower is painted to look like the fruit. It's the kind of place where "everybody knows everybody," she says, and "when you see a Ferrari drive by, it's like seeing a frickin' eclipse."

Reflecting back on the path to porn, Skye recalls: "I always wanted to be a model. That was like my thing. I'd say, I'm going to be a model, a supermodel." Her mother enrolled her in Barbizon modeling courses and cheerleading. "That's all I ever worked on. We went to schools, conventions. They were the kind of places that just wanted money, not really legit, but it gave me the skills I have now."

She did have a shocker in her young life when she learned that the woman she called mother turned out to be her grandmother. And the girl she thought was her older sister was her mom. Her older brother, who's now a Marine and was recently shipped off to Iraq, used to tease her that "my mom's not your mom." She ignored it until she asked her mother about it around age 13.

"Then she sat down and told me about the whole thing," she says. "Then I thought, 'My sister's my mom. Hmm. Kinda cool. '" She adds: "I thought my sister was so cool."

She and her close friend and current roommate, Samantha (not her real name either), started skipping classes in senior high and ended up taking equivalency tests to graduate early. A few days from turning 18, she and Samantha got an apartment in Plant City, and she supported herself as a rollerskate-clad waitress at a drive-in.

Basically, she'd stayed out of trouble. "I remember the first time I ever drank a beer — one beer — and I was 17," she says. "I was so scared. I thought I'd be in so much trouble when I got home."

And she remained a virgin, she says. That is, until she turned 18. "One after another, things started happening," she says. "Stupid crap." After crashing her car one night, she was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Soon, she learned she was pregnant after having sex with her longtime boyfriend, Kyle. "That was a huge shocker. My family had been so proud of me."

Kyle pressed her to have an abortion; she refused. "We were both young and freaking out," she says. "Then he came to realize that he was going to grow up one day and want to be the dad and didn't have a chance," she says. In an act of impulsiveness and responsibility, Kyle signed up for a five-year stint in the Marines in order to provide health insurance for Brooke and the baby.

About five months into the pregnancy, though, she miscarried. "It killed me because I was so attached to it," says. "And poor Kyle. He was devastated. And he hates the Marine Corps. He hates it so much."

He also came to resent her, she admits, because she was so angry at the world. A kind of angry soliloquy played over and over in her head: "What do you want from me? I get a DUI, then I'm pregnant, and I don't want to be, then I accept it, and then I lose the kid. What do you want from me?" She didn't get an answer. They divorced when he returned from boot camp.

The next chapter of her life actually began while she was pregnant, though she didn't recognize it then. When a friend needed a ride to a porn shoot in Tampa, Skye offered to drive her. It was a hardcore, man-woman shoot, and as Skye watched, she was impressed by the cold, hard professionalism of it all. "It wasn't a bunch of dirty, nasty people," she says.

She'd also become friends with a man who worked as an agent for adult models. He'd been pestering her about giving the work a try, and in the wake of the divorce, she finally said yes.

Her first shoot was for an all-girl website called "We Live Together," whose conceit is exactly as it sounds. "I was so scared," says Skye, whose sexual experience with women was nil. "Oh... my... God."

"It goes boom, boom, boom," she recalls of her inaugural foray into girl-girl sex. "You go in, they give you your outfit, they do your makeup, you meet the girls, then you go to the location. They'll give you a little briefing as to what you'll be doing. It's acting — sucky acting at that. The crappy part is that there's no script. So I was walking on the beach with these girls, and I'd never been in a thong on the beach before. I had a towel around me. The cameraman is motioning: Take the towel off, take off the towel. We acted like we'd just met each other, then went back to the apartment."

Sex with a woman was "weird," she says, but adds, "It's not that complicated. I didn't feel disgusted with myself. Everybody has their own opinion. I understand that."

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