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Slim, girlish Brooke Skye is hot porn property. Hundreds of men want her to be their girlfriend.

As to whether she derives any sexual pleasure in the girl-girl and masturbation scenes, Skye is contradictory. On the one hand, those performances aren't what she regards as her personal sex life (she dates men). But, she adds, "I do get off most of the time."

The newbie porn actress could have ended up just another pretty face toiling in the crotches of young girls were it not for Michael Strouse, the 31-year-old web entrepreneur with operations in Minneapolis and Fort Lauderdale.

Samantha will soon have her own website.
Samantha will soon have her own website.

Sitting at a café near his downtown Lauderdale office recently, Strouse talked about the fast-evolving field of adult web entertainment. He's baby-faced, with short, dark hair and a powerful voice. Dressed in baggy shorts and sneakers, he's confident and unexpectedly candid.

At the beginning of 2005, Strouse and his company, MayorsMoney, planned to create a website based on the pseudo life of a young woman. "We were looking for somebody who was cute with a good personality — doesn't need to be superhot, just needs a super personality," Strouse says. A freelance photographer mentioned a young brunet in the Tampa area. He quickly recognized that Skye had the right mix.

Strouse had been involved with online porn most of his adult life. He grew up in the Minneapolis area and never went to college. By 1996, the consummate autodidact was dabbling with website design. Among his first clients was Sex World, a venerable adult store in Minneapolis' warehouse district. From that point, he never strayed far from the adult entertainment field.

In 1997, he created porncity.com to cash in on the explosion of online adult content. "It was a service that let someone set up his own website, like Geocities. But I designed it to be adult in nature because Geocities were kicking adult sites off." Porncity.com proved to be enormously successful, and Strouse dubbed himself "The Mayor" of the site.

"Bandwidth costs were sky-high," he explains, "but the traffic was also high, so we could afford to pay a fortune." The dot.com crash wiped out most of that traffic, and he finally shut it down because of complaints about spam. "I don't like to be in the position of policing people to make sure they're complying with laws and regulations, and I didn't want to be in the position of claiming ignorance and saying it's not my fault they were breaking the law." The site still exists, but it's mainly used to entice web surfers to buy memberships to adult sites and as an online-porn industry bulletin board.

Strouse has been running a handful of sex sites over the past few years that offer generic bump-and-grind content made by contract producers. The site that was to become BrookeSkye.com was an "experiment," he says, the kind of site he'd like to see. "Not the standard ultra-hard-core gangbang," he says.

"For the most part, people aren't joining a site because they like the idea; it's because they've seen one girl who caught their eye and they want to see more of her. The trick is finding the girl who has mass appeal."

Skye possesses a stick-in-your-mind quality, he says. "She's approachable. She's obtainable, a human aspect to a very impersonal kind of transaction. You go to an adult website, usually it's just a bunch of nasty, porn-star kind of girls. The thing we wanted with Brooke was to make it two-way communication, an interactive communication between the user and her.

"It's kind of like a Big Brother thing. They're watching her whole life, or what we're putting out there as her whole life. They eat up every aspect of it. That might not be 'stroke' material, but it might be something to watch after they're done doing their business and they want to get to know more. The idea is to make the site sticky, to give them as much entertainment as watching a cable show. That's why she does stuff like the mini golf and skydiving. They need to be able to log in during the day and get what they want."

The site has exceeded Strouse's expectations, though he declined to talk about how much money it's pulled in. He said "tens of thousands" of members have had memberships in the ten months it's been operating.

So what keeps all those salivating longtime members coming back? New Times asked several of them; all requested that only their screen names be used.

Lee, a 51-year-old who lives in south Georgia, is single with three grown sons. He first saw Skye in a Girls Gone Wild video in which she appeared in a masturbation scene, and he was quite taken with her. Last summer, he got several spam messages promoting the site. He bit and immediately recognized her.

"It's been fun watching her erotically grow — you can just watch her becoming more comfortable with her body and her pleasure," he says. "I think she really is just blessed with this incredible erotic energy. She really does just love pleasure, and it really is kind of cool, because she doesn't just give it away; she kind of keeps it hidden and something of a mystery."

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