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Slim, girlish Brooke Skye is hot porn property. Hundreds of men want her to be their girlfriend.

When the site first appeared, Skye left the web cam on 24/7, and Lee would pop online at various times to see what she was doing. "I did get emotionally attached, no doubt about it," he confesses.

Asked about his feeling and expectations toward her, Lee laughs and says, "You know, I don't think that she's going to marry me. I don't figure she's fixin' to run up to Georgia, because, wow, you said all these things about me and I've fallen in love with you."

Ice, a 20-year-old from England who became a member in December, wrote in an e-mail, "I guess she sort of seems like a girlfriend to me, but I haven't really thought about it much. It would probably bother me if she did start doing hard-core scenes, but I wouldn't stop going to the site if she had them. And I don't think it would really bother me if she had a boyfriend who came on the cam, as long as he was fully clothed, lol."

Brooke's website has become so popular that she's routinely approached by men on the street: "You're Brooke Skye!"
Brooke's website has become so popular that she's routinely approached by men on the street: "You're Brooke Skye!"
Caffeine, cigarettes, and nervous energy keep Skye lithe and libidinous.
Caffeine, cigarettes, and nervous energy keep Skye lithe and libidinous.

Another member, goblue — who'd sent Skye the bikini she wore on the Bubba show — describes himself as professional, middle-aged, and recently divorced, living in a small college town in the Southeast.

"Brooke has something different here," he wrote in an e-mail. "She is allowing members to interact with her in basically all of her moods, see her moving to a new place, getting new stuff, etc."

So does he see her as a quasi-girlfriend? "Interesting question, basically you are asking if I am delusional — just kidding," he responds. "No, not a quasi- or other girlfriend, but part of a normal fantasy life."

On a late Monday afternoon in April, Skye perches on the edge of her unmade bed, madly typing messages on her laptop. Clipped to the top of the computer's monitor, a video cam aimed at her transmits her somewhat distorted movements to a couple of dozen people who've logged on to BrookeSkye.com.

Skye is well into her daily, two-hour live chat, during which paid members watch her dance, prance, flash, and type as they carry on a chaotic conversation with her and one another. On second thought, this isn't exactly a conversation. It's more like a group of wisecracking guys trying to impress the girl or perhaps a bunch of young dudes on their first visit to a strip club, where each tries to out-hyperbolize the other. For example, when one asks Skye how old she was when she started masturbating, another guy quickly interjects, "Brooke could masturbate in the crib."

But there's a strong strain of solicitousness from her longstanding admirers, a gentlemanliness that's peculiar for porn sites.

Today, Skye is wearing a tight, white, pocket T and a short, short wrap-around jean skirt. From the members' perspective, her long and oval freckled face looms large on the screen. She has big brown eyes, long, dark-brunet hair, and a smile that reveals a full battery of sparkling white teeth. She habitually pushes her hair back out of her face with both hands.

As she does frequently, Skye scurries out of her bedroom for a smoke break or something or other. Like every day, this camcast rolls on, with and without her. As members wait for her to reappear, they comment among themselves, often answering questions posed by newly arrived members. After months at the helm of these chats, Skye tries to greet each new visitor, answer questions, and, with aplomb, deflect the more demanding entreaties.

That's something she learned to do the hard way. During her first week on the web cam in June 2005, she started to cry because of one member's messages.

"He was, like, show me this, show me that," she recalls. "I'd say, I don't feel like it. He'd say that you have to show me, what the fuck did I pay for, you're a slut. I wasn't used to being disrespected like that. It made me feel trashy about myself." (She can now ban members.)

"Now I would never cry," she chirps. Indeed, on this day, with a little assistance, she'll deftly handle a French importuner who's logged in as Guest120.

After she zips back into her bedroom with a cell phone to her ear, she's warmly greeted by members — and given advice.

Twin15: Stop biting your nails!! Bad habit.

Jimbo: Brooke who are u talking to?

Brooke: lol I know I'm sorry

She then gets a message from the Frenchman, but she doesn't reply, dealing with other questions instead.

Jimbo: Brooke may I see what you're wearing?

Twin15: They are called clothes lol jk sorry man

Brooke: lol

Ron: A lot of guys want to see what Brooke isn't wearing lol

Pussyman2: The problem with Brooke is that the best clothes for her is her hide

Jimbo: Well all you can see is her white top I kinda wanna see everything else

Skye jumps up and pulls up her shirt, which stays buoyed by her nipples. She turns around and hikes up her skirt, revealing a red lacy thong as she shakes her behind in hip-hop video fashion. She then bends close to the web cam and pantomimes a kiss with lips that fill the screen. She darts out of the room.

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