Dream Sluts

Slim, girlish Brooke Skye is hot porn property. Hundreds of men want her to be their girlfriend.

Bobby: An amazing butt

Ron: I have to go to confession tonight.

Bobby: That butt is a show stopper

Brooke: You're all my favorite.
Brooke: You're all my favorite.

Skye returns, and Guest120 pleads with her to do something with a sex toy. "Sorry, I don't have any toys," she taps into the keyboard. When he persists, she and other members try to cool him off.

Guest120: Can you take your clothes off pleaz

Brooke: In a little, take it slow baby

Bobby: Slow down dude, the show lasts a long time

Ron: Yeah, don't rush her. She's a pro and knows how to build up the climax

Guest120: Can I see your pussy

Brooke: Nope not today

She retreats across the room and in subdued lighting changes into different panties, which cover even less skin. The treat elicits another round of sexual bombast, such as "She could turn a gay man straight" and "She could raise troop morale" if she joined the USO.

Deconman gingerly queries, "Brooke if it's not to much to ask may I know how often u masturbate?" She answers, "Hehehehe."

Guest120 pleads once again for her to "do a show for French people," but other members flame his ass.

Twin15: No Americans don't like French

Pussyman2: I am French and eat shit every day

Discussion turns to Skye's breasts, which, there is firm agreement, should retain their God-given diminutiveness. (Stand down, boys; her contract prohibits that kind of body modification.)

Coosh: Brooke never ever get fake tits please

Brooke: I won't coosh

Lee: And if you ever let anyone talk you into putting fake tits in I will never talk to you again

Guest120 remains obsessed with another part of her anatomy, however, repeatedly hounding, "Can I see your pussy?" He announces he wants to marry her.

Chiming in with a message unusual for its length and earnestness in this forum, Nitro writes: "Brooke, just know that no matter what anyone says or does to you in your life that there will always be those few in between that truly enjoy your company and the wonderful way you present yourself to the world."

Guest120 is in another world. "Don't you care?" he moans.

Skye genuinely likes many of her members — in a way that's perhaps possible only for a 19-year-old whose life quickly exceeded her small-town expectations.

"In their minds, they make-believe I'm all theirs," she says. "I don't get attached to one certain person. It's more like, the way I am with one, I'm with all." She thinks for a moment, then delivers a typical Skye-ism: "I have my ones there that are the ones."

Her site attracts all ages, but she finds the older men easier on the soul. "The younger ones say, show me this, show me that — more disrespectful. The older ones, they're more like, hi, sweetheart, how are you today?"

And how does Bubba the Love Sponge treat her?

"Whaddaya do on this fucking website?" he howls at her as she sits before him in the studio. "Are you fucking monkeys?"

"A lot of girls — and myself," she coos. She gently deflects his questions about how much she's paid.

Returning from a commercial break, Bubba strikes a slightly reverential tone. "Brooke, I gotta kinda apologize to you. I just checked the stats on the website. It completely fuckin' smokes my ranking. This is a hot little bitch right here."

Brooke Skye giggles contentedly.

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