Dollars and Sex

Can Luther Campbell still cash in on 2 Live Crew?

"Part of me feels bad about it, because I know I'm a very creative individual," he continues. "Some of the things I did to create my company and create the South, it's some historical shit. For that story not to be told and me and 2 Live Crew not to be honored for everything we did, it feels real bad. And that's one of the reasons that motivated me to do this book and this project, to get my own history out."

Between the dozens of tell-all, celebrity- and bodily-fluid-strewn tales on the audio book and Don of All Dons' rolling, still-nasty-as-he-wanna-be déjà vu thump, Campbell is making a wholehearted effort to take his rep to the bank one more time.

"Oh man, that's good," he says when I describe the throwback-to-middle-school effect the music has and the illicit thrill 2 Live Crew provided during my teenaged years. "You and the boys, you'd have a party and throw the thing on and just wile out. Yeah. That was the idea of it all, you know. A lot of people don't know the history. And it ain't like BET or MTV or VH1 is trying to tell it. They talk about 25 years of hip-hop and make no mention of South Florida or 2 Live Crew or Luke Records."

He so horny: Uncle Luke says "shit's gonna hit the fan" when his tell-all audio book is released next week.
He so horny: Uncle Luke says "shit's gonna hit the fan" when his tell-all audio book is released next week.

The audio book's most poignant moment — allowing that a moment also patently obscene can be considered poignant — comes during "Luke and Mike Tyson — Saved by Pussy Part I." It's an explicit anecdote, recounted by an enthusiastic Campbell, describing an X-rated escapade that kept him busy in his hotel room and out of Tyson's limo the night of the embattled boxer's alleged rape incident in Indiana.

"I know pussy can get you in a lot of trouble," Campbell relates on the disc, "but pussy can keep you out of bad situations too."

"No shit," he says now, laughing. "And that shit did save my ass. That did save my ass."

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