Hurry Up and Come

Memorial Fest will keep reggae fans happy for years.

"Oh, it's been longer than that," Saw confirms. "I won't say for them guys to check 'pon the age. But I've been in the business for a long time, and I've been standing up strong. It doesn't even matter if I have a hit; my name is known worldwide."

Saw's star hasn't faded, because she keeps it real with her fans, and she has worked with an enviable lineup of musical innovators, including Missy Elliott and Pharrell Williams. Saw won a Grammy for her verse on No Doubt's "Underneath It All." When asked who her dream collaboration would be, she gives a surprising yet unsurprising answer: "I'd love to work with R. Kelly!" she exclaims. "I know he loves dancehall music, because he has this new one called 'Wine for Me.' I'd love to wine for that man on some riddim, yo. We could do a wicked remix of that one."

Saw still lives up to her reputation as dancehall's baddest chick. And she still invites lucky studs up on stage to perform suggestive acts that barely pass the muster of public decency. But maybe not at this particular show. "When my man is around, I tend to hold back. Let's hope he's not there, but I think he will be. Sometimes I go overboard because I love this music and I love my fans."

Try some Cocoa Tea this weekend.
Try some Cocoa Tea this weekend.


Noon Sunday, May 28. Tickets cost $40 in advance, $50 at the door, and $100 for VIP admission. Call 305-259-0206, or visit
Bicentennial Park, 1075 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

Lady Saw's antics have earned her protests of her own, so she can relate to the plight of her fellow headliners. But she is too careful to stumble into any discussion of potentially thorny issues. "I don't even know anything about politics," she quips dismissively. "I think we should all have our freedom of speech. I don't study people who fight against my music. They're not paying me, so I couldn't care less."

Of course, Saw knows there's one particular hit the audience will clamor for.

"I have to perform 'I Got Your Man'," Saw says. "Yeah, that's the new badass female anthem! Look for a very energized performance. I am a crazy gal on stage."

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