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In fact, when Rolle bolted from Good Times in 1977, the show's producers claimed she was ill, and the writers had her moving to — where else? — Florida. That, astute viewers will recall, paved the way for the arrival of Janet Jackson. After promises that Walker's slapstick would be kept in check, Rolle came back to the series in 1979. Though the IMDB film database dubs her "the gap-toothed, rather plumpish and plain-looking actress with the gravelly voice," she went on to star in feature films like I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and Driving Miss Daisy. She died in 1998.

Walker still plugs away on the comedy circuit, a sad, chastened figure who struggles to catch some of the magic he held when all he needed to inspire a big laugh was to chant "Dy-no-MITE!"

All right, J.J., you can come to the show. But show a little respect to your elders. And wipe those dirty sneakers!

In this shot, Esther Rolle isn't acting.
In this shot, Esther Rolle isn't acting.
The safest way to fly
The safest way to fly

— As told to Edmund Newton

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