Driving While Demented

A black man is killed by an 81-year-old white driver, and she's pretty happy about it.

"He got what was coming to him," she says.

"Geico says the police wrote a wonderful report on me," she adds, appearing flattered. She is aware that her insurance company paid the victim's family upward of $10,000 but doesn't connect that with any fault of hers. And regardless of whose fault the accident was, she says she doesn't feel sorry for the family.

"I'm from the north — get rid of the niggers," she says. "One more off this Earth. Geez. I'm so sick of it. No comprendo. No comprendo. I'm so sick of foreigners. God, Bush? Get rid of Bush. Those goddamned Cubans and whatever. Send 'em someplace else. Florida is getting a bad reputation."

Helen Williams lost a son to a wacky old driver.
Colby Katz
Helen Williams lost a son to a wacky old driver.

Det. Babcock believes Bowen may have dementia or memory defects, but she never seems to forget what's missing from her own life.

She complains of having no friends — they've all died in the past seven years. She has no communication with her son or her daughter, whom she believes is trying to steal her money. She has no doctor. She has no means of transportation to her favorite store, Save-a-Lot, down the block, where she gets her candles. She has no social worker. Most days, she has no energy to get off the couch.

Her only dream is to get out of Florida, she says.

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