A Broward Whodunit

It's never too late to dish on the locals.

But the portrait of a philanthropic financier — a Midas Man with the Midas touch — can't help but have something in common with South Florida's best-known garbageman. Huizenga was a frequent topic for Nease's columns over the years, and more than once, the King Midas reference made it into his copy.

Deciphering the intricacies of high finance and the alphabet-soup morass of stock-market documents was Nease's forte at the Sentinel, and that knowledge gives Day & Night Forever most of its heft.

Jack Nease can't get Broward out of his mind.
Courtesy Jack Nease/Antonella Novi
Jack Nease can't get Broward out of his mind.

While his boilerplate Broward-based novel is unlikely to ignite mystery-book bestseller lists, Nease still holds onto the hope that it could trigger the solution to a real-life whodunit. "This may sound corny, but I figured there was one chance in a million or 10 million that maybe someone would read this book, recognize the name [of my son], and say, 'Hey, I know where this guy is. Or something like that. '"

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