Daddy's Girl

Fisher Island millionaire Bruce McMahan loved his daughter so much, he married her.

McMahan has made up with his fifth wife, Elena.

Three days after New Times called McMahan for comment on August 28, he hired Sitrick & Co., a Los Angeles public relations firm specializing in crisis management and whose logo is: "If you don't tell your story, someone else will tell it for you." In another public response, McMahan launched, a now-defunct website asserting that Schutt and Linda had invented their allegations in an effort to extort money from him.

On September 13, after the five court cases were settled, Sitrick & Co. e-mailed New Times this statement:

"The parties to this litigation, Dr. Bruce McMahan, Linda Marie Schutt, Sargent Schutt, Major Schutt and Shani Robins, have resolved the differences among them and agreed to dismiss all pending legal actions. This was a family dispute and, as is the case with many family disputes, charges were made in the heat of the moment with little thought given to the pain they might unfairly or unjustly inflict. All of the parties involved and their counsel sincerely hope that there will be no further media coverage of this family matter and have agreed to make no additional comment about the resolution of their differences."

In other words, Bruce and Linda want their trips to London to be their secret again.

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