Tanning for Jesus

Calvary Chapel pays millions for swank digs on the Intracoastal. And it's all for a few pregnant girls?

Bill Rogal, the holdout who owns the house between the triplex and the condos, says he thinks the millions that Calvary is spending on the properties would be better spent. "It's an investment for the church, but it's kind of the wrong thing to do," he says. "That kind of money could have helped out a lot of teenagers in need, not just a few."

And as for the teens themselves? When I ask how they like their new paradisiacal home as they sit on the deck with Billington, one of them says immediately, "No comment."

But the preacher's daughter, Billington, answers for them.

Christopher Smith

"Everybody here is so down-to-earth," she says. "This is fellowship. It's ironic that people are complaining about it, because all that is coming out of here is prayer."

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