Bank Shots

It's an exhibition that'll make your eyes bounce back and forth like balls on a billiard table.

The pictures here document some of his large-scale works in Caracas, Toronto, Paris, and Seoul, and they come across as shimmering and ephemeral. Unfortunately, the photos do little more than make us want to see a real Soto work in person. It's a shame the show couldn't have included one of his smaller mixed-media works.

Lescano's Falling Cubes: Out of the fridge, into the fire.
Lescano's Falling Cubes: Out of the fridge, into the fire.
Serie America Horizontes by Carlos Rojas
Serie America Horizontes by Carlos Rojas


On display through November 5.
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1650 Harrison St. Hollywood, 954-921-3274.

Aside from the recent survey of works from Broward County's Public Art and Design program, "GEOMETRIC, why not?" is the Art and Culture Center's first exhibition since the departure of director/curator Samantha Salzinger this summer, and it's a stark reminder of how much she'll be missed. Salzinger, now teaching art history and photography at Palm Beach Community College's Boca Raton campus, demonstrated true vision and daring in both the exhibitions she curated and the ones she brought to the center. I mean no disrespect to Mariavelia Savino, who's identified as "transitional curator," but she's no Samantha Salzinger. Fortunately, Salzinger left the Art and Culture Center on good terms and is tentatively slated to curate an upcoming show there called "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice." I can hardly wait.

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