Die Bold, Die Wussy

An Invitation to Steal an Election

"Does anybody have an objection to this being on the website?" Bober asked.

Mayor Mara Giulianti finally growled a response: "I'm not crazy about that. I've had other people call up — in the past — and intimidate people who contributed to me."

Commissioner Frances Russo, who has been an elected official for six years, made an even more concise case against transparent government. "I don't want my business plastered all over," she said.

Giulianti and Russo were joined by Keith Wasserstrom to kill the motion, 3-3, (with Kathleen Anderson absent).

Tailpipe hereby vows to stay away from the next meeting. Help him, people. He's hooked.

Bad, Bad Muhammad

Reverend O'Neal Dozier, who tends the flock at the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, has been making headlines lately by calling Islam a "cult," "demonic," and "evil." Charlie Crist kept Dozier on his campaign all summer anyway, explaining that he appreciated the support. But when Dozier began handing out comic books that depict Muhammad roasting in the flames of hell last week, the Crist campaign cut him loose faster than you can say "Danish cartoon controversy." Looks like Mr. Attorney General thinks that voters only pay attention to purty pictures.

We're displaying on this page some examples of the kind of reading material you get when you're one of those Worldwide Christians.

— As told to Edmund Newton

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