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Worst Week Ever

Last week was a bad one for Hollywood City Attorney Dan Abbott. Maybe not Mark Foley bad. And definitely not Cory Lidle bad. But pretty awful nonetheless.

Lost in all the furor over the indictment of Hollywood Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom on corruption charges — a result due partly to Abbott's misinterpreting Florida law — was the culmination of a six-day jury trial in which Abbott's office defended the Hollywood Police Department against charges of age discrimination brought by two sergeants. The jury returned its verdict October 10: The City of Hollywood must pay big time.

When you lie down with creeps...
Colby Katz
When you lie down with creeps...

The jury found that the Hollywood P.D. had discriminated against Sgts. Frank Hogan and Michael Springstun, who were qualified in every way for promotion to lieutenant except for their age. Chief James Scarberry, it seems, had a thing against promoting sergeants older than 50.

The jury also found that Hogan and Springstun's superiors had retaliated against them for filing suit, giving them disparaging reviews and mysteriously unearthing a bunch of Internal Affairs complaints against them. The two officers also found themselves losing out on job assignments and overtime pay.

Oh, but now they'll be paid. Handsomely. For Hogan, who retired from the department a few weeks ago, $1,183,000. For Springstun, who can now afford to retire in comfort, $1,185,000. Abbott's office can still file an appeal, and this may be the reason that neither side was inclined to discuss the case.

Still, it goes to show that you don't have to be a condo developer or a sludge processor to get money from Hollywood City Hall. — As told to Edmund Newton

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