Park Rock

By the Way brings the bands to Stranahan.

What's with the "No Fat Chicks" shirts and the athletic imagery on the merch?

Pete215: The "No Fat Chicks" shirt pisses people off, I guess. We don't care at all. Nerds love to go on the Internet and say that we are sexist and misogynistic, and it only fuels us to continue making offensive shit. As far as the athletic imagery on the shirts, it's just who we are. When it comes to the designing of our stuff, I try to only make shit that I would actually wear. Brass knuckles, blood splatters, and shit like that will never be on a Know the Score shirt. That shit is lame and played the fuck out. Do you really want another band shirt with a skull on it? I didn't think so.

What are you guys listening to right now?

Southern Flaw, far from Stranahan Park
Colby Katz
Southern Flaw, far from Stranahan Park
Set your Dethklok for metal thirty.
Set your Dethklok for metal thirty.

Scott: I've been listening to a band called New Mexican Disaster Squad a lot lately. They're an early '80s Cali-hardcore-influenced band from Orlando. I've also been listening to a band from the Bay Area of California called Ceremony.

Pete215: I pretty much listen to the same bands day in and day out: Blood for Blood, Ringworm, OLC, Blacklisted, Gangstarr. As far as newer stuff, it has been Wisdom in Chains' Die Young CD, without a doubt.

Is anyone in the band straight-edge?

Scott: Nicholas and Seth are both straight-edge.

How old are the members?

Scott: Pete is 26, Nicholas [guitar] is 22, Seth [bass] is 20, Jared [guitar] is 21, and I am 23. We've all been doing this for a long time, though. Seth and I started touring together when I was 17 and he was 14. Nicholas, Jared, and Pete have all toured a lot also.

Are you going to tour this year?

Scott: We've been doing a lot of touring on weekends no matter how far it is to get to where we're going. In October, we're playing Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, and other [cities] all on weekends. In fact, I'm gearing up for a 16-hour overnight drive today to make it to our show in Baltimore tomorrow with Shattered Realm, who is on Eulogy Recordings with us. We've got multiple trips planned to Texas, trips to Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, California, and the Northeast in the works for early 2007. Drink coffee and sleep when you die, I guess. — D. Sirianni

Know the Score joins Kids Like Us, Seventh Star, Nervous Breakdown, Dead Weight, Low Cool, and Thick as Blood at 6:30 p.m. Friday, October 27, at the Polish American Club, 1250 NW 22nd Ave., Miami. Admission costs $8 to $10. Call 305-635-2240.

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