Crist Denies Trysts II

Sworn testimony backs up claims that Bruce Jordan boasted of his affair with Charlie Crist.

In other words, Linn has some credibility. But most people in the know seem locked in denial, which doesn't surprise Vass at all, especially since Crist has raised $22 million and the state GOP is expected to pump at least that much into the race.

There's big money at stake — and a lot of political jobs.

"All the people close to him know he's gay, but they aren't going to say anything because all their jobs depend on him winning the election," he explains. "I don't have anything to gain from telling you this right now, and it's probably going to keep me from flying Republicans again.

Bruce Carlton Jordan (left) arrives at the Possum festival.
Bruce Carlton Jordan (left) arrives at the Possum festival.

"But it's about the man's lies and it's the right thing to do, I guess."

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