Whigged Out

The Whigs give new meaning to the term frat rock.

At first blush, signing with ATO might not seem like the most logical move given the Whigs' organic brand of indie rock. But Gispert feels the label was as good a fit as any. "We're not a very hip band. We don't dress the part," he says, tacitly acknowledging the fashion consciousness of today's indie elite. "But at the same time, I don't think of us as a top 40 band."

Without any clear preference for an independent or major label, the Whigs based their decision to sign with ATO on the simple fact that it was one of the very few labels that didn't try to coax the band to rerecord its debut in a professional studio.

Instead, ATO rereleased Fat Lip in its original form on September 19 with an eye toward a proper major-label debut some time next year. That plan is fine by Gispert, even if it does mean giving up the frat house for album number two. "For the same reason the first record made sense, to be on our own dollar and recording it in a house, it makes sense that the second album will be recorded in a studio," Gispert says. Asked if he dreads returning to the place that has caused the Whigs so much anguish in the past, he laughs before adding, "If someone is going to give me a budget, fuck, I'll go use it."

The Whigs give 'em a frat, er, fat lip.
The Whigs give 'em a frat, er, fat lip.


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Spoken, if only for a fleeting moment, like a true professional.

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