Letters for December 14-20, 2006

Both "Hooray for Hollywood" and "Suddenly, Justice?" (Bob Norman, November 16) imply that, since Van Cott retired, he's "untouchable" by the law. Since when did the statute of limitations run out just because someone retired?

Mayor Mara proved to be smarter than Wasserstrom, whom she left out to dry. Even Van Cott, who seems to me as guilty as O.J. Simpson, left Wasserstrom with a big can of worms — nothing more. Oy vey, Keith! Then, again, any a-hole who switches political parties to get elected in Democratic Hollywood and then supports the Jebster for governor deserves a good screwing from his "fellow employees"! Stick that where the sun don't shine, Keith Wasserstrom!

Harvey Slavin



In our article "Jaco Incorporated," by Jeff Stratton (November 30), it should have been noted that Jaco Pastorius passed away on September 21, 1987, not September 19. Also, Jaco Pastorius Inc.'s fifth board member is Gregory Pastorius, not his brother Rory. And the estate's royalties arrangement was not characterized correctly: JPI income is split evenly among the four children, although John and Mary Pastorius receive additional income resulting from a 1979 divorce decree. Besides the $550 that twins Felix and Julius are paid monthly, they receive annual lump sums that have increased to about $7,500, not $2,500. New Times regrets the errors.

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