Avi Hoffman's My Daddy

A funny thing happened on the way to Boynton

You've probably figured it out: I was lying to you earlier. A lot of people put this show together, not just Avi. Michael Larsen's the director here, and he's clearly the right man for the job. His direction is a near-perfect graft on the old music, and he manages to keep 17 actors flowing smoothly through some viciously tricky blocking. Paula Villar's responsible for these costumes, and they're almost perfect, resembling what you'd expect a bunch of ridiculous people to traipse around in while singing the day away in classical antiquity. And scenic designer Ian T. Almeida has put together the biggest and most fully interactive set on any SoFla regional stage this season.

Hoffman (right, with Steve Gladstone): The resurrection of Zero Mostel, almost
Hoffman (right, with Steve Gladstone): The resurrection of Zero Mostel, almost


Presented through January 7. Call 888-284-4633, or visit www.newvistatheatre.com.
New Vista Theatre Company, in the Park Vista Theater at Park Vista Community High School, 7900 Jog Rd., Boynton Beach.

That should be the hook for this entire business: spectacle! The Golden Age Hits Boynton! It's a hard proposition to argue with. So long as New Vista keeps bringing these homegrown ostentations to our little ostentatiousness-deprived corner of the world, I don't mind if Avi Hoffman stars in every single one. In fact, I might prefer it.

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