Racism Central

Live, from Fort Lauderdale, it's the Sun-Sentinel Hate Line!

"you sho nuff makes me hungry just readen dis. Cans I comes to de trial and sit nex to yo too? Maybe you kin gets a large pizza for you and me to share alongz wit de chitlins. I axe my mama to makes me some chitlins but da lazy ho say no. Dat beyatch iz one lazy lazy ho."

Another referred to black Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Carlton Moore, who recently called for an investigation into the killing of a black suspect by two police officers, as a "filthy monkey."

It goes on and on. Friday, there was a story about Richard Williams, father of tennis stars Venus and Serena, who was found liable in a civil suit but wasn't forced to pay any damages.

Mike Gorman

"that babies daddy lies in open court and gets away with it. We the Ghetto kneegars can walk all over whitey's legal system. Now for the dog bite lawsuit."

The Sentinel isn't the only newspaper dealing with this problem. A couple of weeks ago, Arizona Daily Star Editor Bobby Jo Buel posted this on her own newspaper's comment board:

"While we added the reader comments feature to give readers a place to talk, StarNet is still our house. And our editors and staff simply do not want guests who make vulgar, abusive, obscene, defamatory and hateful comments. If you want to live in that kind of neighborhood, go create your own online forum.

"Meanwhile, we've removed large chunks of comment today while we consider the future of the reader comments feature."

The Miami Herald, smartly, has restricted comment capability to just a few stories, so it has largely been able to avoid the problems faced by the Sentinel.

Maucker might want to start taking note of his competitor's strategy — or really get his newspaper to start monitoring the website instead of just promising in his column to do so.

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