The Dirty Dozen of 2006

They're all graced with an ineffable South Florida quality

Michael Brown — Build it and they will come. Er, make that, "Send an entire community packing, then build it, and... " well, you know. The Riviera Beach mayor personally promoted a huge eminent-domain plan to allow developers free access to valuable beachfront property, favoring big-time developers over his own constituents. Using his status as a nonvoting mayor, Brown has also lobbied for a city contract, then (you gotta admire the brashness) taken a cut of the profits. DM reading: 8 (A shark among fishes.)

Mark Foley — Congress' best-known chicken hawk and Boca's erstwhile favorite son, Foley was exposed when some teenaged congressional pages started circulating copies of his lewd e-mails, asking, for example, about the size of their members and their masturbation techniques. You wanted congressional oversight of the Bush administration? Thanks largely to Foley, you might get it this year from a Democratic-majority Congress. DM reading: 9 (Classic fox guarding the page dorm.)

Keith Wasserstrom — The former Hollywood commissioner set high marks for ballsiness. He nailed down a job as a consultant for a waste disposal company, then openly used the prestige of his commission seat to pitch the company's services to various cities, including his own. The result: potential big payoffs for himself and his pals and, oops, an indictment for felony corruption. DM reading: 7 (Operating as much on reckless, terrier-like friskiness as personal greed.)

Jeffrey Epstein — The billionaire money manager has been charged with soliciting the services of underaged prostitutes in his Palm Beach mansion. Epstein allegedly liked 'em young. Money bought the girls' services, but it didn't keep them from talking about it afterward. Testimony included anecdotal information about the odd look of Epstein's egg-shaped member. DM reading: 7 (Idle-rich slacker who can't get a date.)

Bruce McMahan — The Fisher Island hedge-fund manager is known as a ruthless man, determined to have his way no matter what the rest of the world opines. In recent years, McMahan's way has included a sexual relationship with his own daughter, with whom he exchanged marriage vows in an impromptu ceremony at Westminster Abbey. It all fell apart in a welter of legal recriminations. But not before daughter Linda blew the whistle in court documents. DM reading: 10 (His daughter? Hands down the dirtiest.)

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