Can You Hear Me, Adolf?

Local psychic speaks with Hitler and your pet dog too

For more than three years beginning in 2001, Luther served as executive director of CHS' Intercoastal Division in Broward County. She supervised about 100 employees and 200 volunteers and worked with an operating budget of nearly $5 million.

Employees who worked for Luther insist that she channeled in the office and that it offended some. But not many were apparently aware that the women believed Anne Frank had embraced her Holocaust experience. One who knew was Bruce Rosenberg, a caseworker, and it bothered him. "Here's a woman who said she can talk to dead people and thinks Hitler can somehow make amends, and oh, by the way, she's also dealing with parents who are abusing their children," he says. "Why would you hire someone that openly advertises this?"

Luther also hired her sister, Baldwin, as an independently contracted therapist, and Rosenberg says he wrote numerous complaints about Luther to the society's CEO, David Bundy, but got no response. CHS spokeswoman Liz Bruner says the organization's management became aware of Luther's channeling, the hiring of her sister, and the publication of Dying to Live Again. But she says she could not comment on whether complaints against Luther were received or acted on.

Mike Gorman

Baldwin claims to have discovered her psychic abilities in the late 1980s, when a Roman soldier appeared briefly in her living room. Two of six children in a Catholic family from the Boston area, she and her sister both completed master's degrees in social work. But shortly after the centurion showed up in her house, Baldwin lost a job and her first marriage ended.

But the voices didn't, and soon she was sharing her experiences with Steve Baldwin, who eventually became her second husband.

Particularly disturbing to her former co-worker, Rosenberg, however, is the alleged interview with the soul of Anne Frank.

According to Frank as quoted by Baldwin, the famous Jewish girl from Amsterdam and Hitler have had many soul-to-soul contacts in the afterlife. The interview also disclosed that Frank does not really consider herself Jewish but kept quiet about it to avoid being rejected by her family. She also supposedly recognizes that Hitler's deeds were part of his mind, body, and ego but not his soul.

"I want to make it clear again that I feel no regret to have lived and died as I did," Frank supposedly said, via Baldwin. "My soul was directing my life, and it wanted those experiences. I do not lay blame on the people who imprisoned me and contributed to my dying."

How heartwarming.

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