Dred Scott!

Reggae Sunrise

"Bumbaclaaat" could be heard flying out of the mouths of the audience after the sound dropped and the house lights, after dipping temporarily, came back up. Damien, using a microphone that still had juice, was as perplexed as everyone else. "Who is this man," Damien asked in confusion, both to the crowd and to his promoter, "and why is he saying this?... Can someone please talk to him?"

But Londono would not be moved. "In Sunrise, every club has to close at 4 o'clock — no exceptions," he said, arms folded, backed by his own security detail. Things were going south fast, but I wondered why the promoter had waited so late to put on the final act — hadn't this all been discussed beforehand? I called Screw Famous a few days later for clarification. "The owner of the venue really messed things up," he said, still heated about the shutdown. Folks walked out of Asti's pissed, and not all of it was directed at the owner. "In Jamaica, the dances always start late," Famous continued. "You can't get Jamaican people out to a dance earlier than 2:30, so I knew it would be a late start, but I paid $1,400 for that place, plus airfare and hotel for Bass Odyssey, and he didn't even play for ten minutes. He's an international act, and [the owner] should have let him play longer."

But Londono also wants to stay in business, so I could hardly fault him for trying to stay on the right side of the law. I did wonder about the competence of a man who throws parties for a living overlooking minor details such as closing time. It was a disappointing ending to a night that was just beginning to peak, but by sunrise, nobody was around to care.

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