The Race Is On

Dylan won the 2006 Pazz & Jop poll, but TV on the Radio is the real protester

Did Adebimpe predict such a score?

"I think we were happy with it when we were done, but we had no idea how, or even if, people would respond," he says. "But I think it captured the way we were feeling then, and I'm proud of it. It's important to document the way you're feeling during the short time that you're on this planet."

Protest rock of the highest calibre
Protest rock of the highest calibre


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He's talking about the natural impulse that has always led people to leave their mark using art. But just months after its release, the fact that Cookie Mountain has had a shelf life more long-lasting than fish wrap also speaks to the possibility that it is the kind of protest record, like Dylan's best, that long outlasts the topics it remonstrates against. It's a record that, years from now, just might leave a trail leading back to the essence of Adebimpe's short time on the planet — one that is marked with courageous hearts and blood on the tracks.

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