The Bodyguard

Special forces. National ad campaigns. Watching the backs of the big guys. Meet this Eastern European hottie.

To his left is a bar, complete with a black-clad bartender who's busy mixing a variety of specialty cocktails for the thirsty onlookers lined up at his makeshift station. Milling about on the lavishly decorated deck are approximately 50 guests. They're chattering among themselves as they munch hors d'oeuvres. To Plevnik's right, muffled laughter erupts from invitees strolling around a second, smaller vessel.

It's March 8, and this is the launch party for his newly published 46-page diet book, The Bodyguard Diet: The Life You Save May Be Your Own.

"It took me so long to do because of my English," Plevnik jokes. "It was actually published last April, but I wanted to wait until the spring to release it, because that's when everyone starts thinking about getting into shape, ready for the summer."

C. Katz

The book offers suggestions on exercise and nutrition. Among other things, it takes a shot at the many low-carb diets. "There are so many diets out there that come and go, and nobody can follow them," he says. "That's why people are getting fatter, because no one can stick to them. I tried to come up with a small book that's not 200 pages long but one that people can flip through easily and learn something."

Charles Holland, a Los Angeles-based writer whose credits include New York Undercover, Third Watch, and CSI: Miami, flew out from California for the event. "He's an amazing guy with an amazing story," he says, "a man I genuinely admire and respect. We've actually been working together on telling his story. We might have a TV show, we might have a movie, we might have nothing."

Indeed, if all goes according to plan, this fall, Plevnik may become a household name. He hopes to sell a reality TV show. "It would be a series of episodes that follow me on various missions," he says. He recently pitched the idea to the Discovery Channel. "I want to show what bodyguarding is all about. It's a dangerous job but in a kind of glamorous way, because you are protecting glamorous people, important people."

Judging by the rest of his professional life, it seems whatever Plevnik touches, even if for a brief moment, turns to gold.

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