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Sophie Milman is the new jazz starlet — and one hell of an interview

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It's 1 o'clock in the morning in Deerfield Beach's warehouse district, and one of rapper Trick Daddy's most valuable assets is at the center of attention. No, we're not talking about a new Dunk to add to Trick's car collection or a neck full of jewelry to help him "shine like a lighthouse"; we're talking about his newest artist/producer, Gold Ru$h. Having contributed four beats to Trick's most recent album, Back by Thug Demand — "Straight Up," "10-20-Life," "Born a Thug," and "You Damn Right" — plus a feature on the record's lead single, "Bet That," alongside Trick and Houston rapper Chamillionaire, this Broward native is seizing every opportunity he can. Not only is he doing production for Trick's newest venture, Dunk Ryder Records, but he also has his own label, 2 Hot Records, to manage as well. With all of this going on, he still found time to invite New Times to his private studio for an intimate sitdown.

Outtakes: How does it feel being the first Broward County hip-hop artist so involved in a major release?

Jazz's latest sensation plays Palm Beach.
Jazz's latest sensation plays Palm Beach.
Gold Ru$h has a lot to celebrate.
Gold Ru$h has a lot to celebrate.

Gold Ru$h: I'm 'bout to put Broward County on the map. I'm'a open up the door, and it's gonna be on and popping. It's gonna be like Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and all the other hot regions.

With Miami-Dade so close and all the buzz that scene creates, why do you think Broward County artists haven't been getting as much attention on the music scene?

Right now, there's a lot of competition; there's a lot of artists in Broward right now doing they thing. But you gotta stand out, and you gotta be your own artist — have your own niche. I know a lot of people want to credit Miami, but nobody wants to shout out Broward County. That's why I'm here.

What is your main focus with your record label 2 Hot Records?

To get my artist developed. We're gonna be a major label, so I want to constantly be dropping albums from my artist.

What type of mind frame are you in when you're producing, and what are some of your favorite production tools?

I do it like a freestyle. When I make a beat, I ain't trying to make no beat that sound like some popular sound at the time. I make music for everybody, not just one group of people. The tools I love are the MPC, Motif, Phantom, ProTools... oh, yeah, and some weed. — Andre "Drizzle" Uter

Gold Ru$h's Birthday Bash, hosted by Trick Daddy, takes place Saturday, April 14, at Club Maya, 300 SW First Ave., Las Olas Riverfront, Fort Lauderdale. Live performances by artists on Dunk Ryders and 2 Hot Records are scheduled. Visit

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