Torchy's on Fire!

Ex-stripper Eva Wynne-Warren is reviving the old va-va-voom art of the tease

The element of mystique is extremely important in the world of tease. Torchy admits it took her a while to catch on to this cornerstone of showmanship. Reading about circus promoter P.T. Barnum helped clue her in.

Like most of Torchy's stories, this one begins with a tantalizing hook and is animated with full-body gestures. "I used to do a snake act," she begins. With a real snake? "Oh yeah," she answers with an enthusiastic nod. "I would sit there and explain it like Miss Von Von Snake and tell people: No, the snake isn't going to hurt me." Torchy shoos away the imaginary concerned listener with a wave of her hand. "I was doing the snake act four times a day, four times a week, and the snake would be stretched out reaching for the spotlights — and I finally realized that I was spoiling it. The next time someone asked me [about the snake], I said: Oh yeah — watch out! — if she's bad, she'll bite me. "

The same goes for the intricacies of tassel twirling. If Torchy shows you how to do it, you'd better keep your lips sealed. Like a magician guarding the secrets of her trade, she vows to reveal the trick only to a few promising candidates. Hopefully, those in the know will then join Torchy's burlesque troupe for performances in South Florida.

Never a dull moment with Torchy
Never a dull moment with Torchy

And if anyone ever asks what it takes, tassel twirlers should reply with one of these two standard answers: My breasts are talented! Or It's sooo difficult; it took me years to perfect.

Some things just shouldn't be demystified.

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