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Sol Theatre's double-header walks the line between hell and, yawn, purgatory

The three arrive and perform a little Christmas pageant for the sister, who's more than a little bewildered (but not too — she falls asleep in the middle of their act), and then proceed to berate her for the hideous treatment she afforded them all in Catholic school. The situation eventually turns murderous. This would be fine if the actors were able to channel the over-the-top absurdity of the moment into some kind of outsized gesture or action, but they can't. They're not quite sure what to make of this material, so they retreat from its zaniness into realism — Clearwood in particular, whose rage should be larger-than-life, cartoonish, has opted instead for a slow smolder. This renders Durang's whole wild allegorical finale impotent, and folks watching might wonder if it has a point.

Sister Mary Ignatius says get down with dogma.
Sister Mary Ignatius says get down with dogma.

It's a pretty big problem, but I've got faith it'll be corrected after a few more performances. In the meantime, for novelty, bravery, and giddy perversity, Sol's still the only game in town.

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