Be to Not or Be To

Coming at the Bard from the butt end really cuts the crap

Still, you´ve gotta draw certain conclusions about any piece in which the standout moment involves a man yelling ¨!ooB,¨ and one of them is this: It´s not very smart. Shakespeare people won´t love it. They´ll be mortified that King Lear has been reduced to a single line; they´ll hate that all of Shakespeare´s historical plays have been crammed into a three-minute football game; they´ll loathe Coriolanus´ dismissal from the roster because of the word anus in its title. But this is not a production for Shakespeare people.

Two guys, a girl, and a hundred three-second soliloquies.
Malcom G. Smith
Two guys, a girl, and a hundred three-second soliloquies.


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Written by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield. Directed by Barbara Musgrave.

With Jeffrey Davis, Kathryn L. Davis, and Joshua Holihan. Presented through June 9 at the Studio Theatre of Wellington, 11320 Fortune Cir., G-7, Wellington. Call


Rather, this is a production for folks who want to get out and laugh helplessly at some homegrown theater. As desires go, this one isn´t as simple as it seems, especially out in the suburban boondocks. An intimate venue? Capable actors? Fun script? Good vibes? All together in the same place at the same time? Shit, man. You won´t find that in Weston.

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