How´s Your Slime IQ?

Take the Broward Corruption Quiz

6. (B) This is the most entertaining scandal of all. Four wannabe goombahs working as cops in the Hollywood Police Department get taken in by a portly undercover agent pretending to be a Mafia capo named ¨Big Jack.¨ When the FBI tells the aforementioned Chief Scarberry about it, he blabs to half of his command staff. Naturally, somebody leaks the news to the culprits and the investigation is blown. The FBI starts an investigation into the leak, but Scarberry swears that nobody in his department talked. Of course, he was wrong. The leaker turned out to be a female officer named Tammy Clyde who learned about it from a lieutenant named Charles Roberts who learned about it from a major named Frank McGarry. Roberts was recently indicted for lying to the feds.

7. (C) Good old Cowan, who once controlled the County Commission through his knack for shrewd political maneuvering, is now working as a lobbyist, mostly in Davie and often with megalobbyist and longtime friend Ron Book. Most recently, he helped kill the campaign of Davie commission candidate Phil Busey by spreading false reports that Busey was a pornographer. Larry Smith, the former congressman convicted of tax fraud, is also happily back in the lobbying game, and Hastings, who was impeached as a judge after a bribery scandal, is now a veteran congressman himself.

8. (D) C´mon, you didn´t think I was going to put in those ¨All of the aboves¨ without one of them being a winner, did you? Well, it´s almost true, anyway. What is indisputable fact is that Sterling and Miller, who are partners, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the current slate of School Board members and helped manage several of their campaigns. Sterling, who represents school builder James Pirtle and consultant Bernard Zyscovich, has an even closer tie to board member Beverly Gallagher than most he arranged for her to get a lucrative job at a blood bank he represents at the School Board. So where does Notter fit into this? Well, he´s the guy the board is going to vote in as superintendent without conducting the promised national search. Notter has a reputation for being extremely friendly with the lobbyists and other wheeler-dealers who prey upon the board. Some say he flies in the same flock (or drives his Corvette in the same flock, anyway). With guys like Notter coming into power, it´s a safe bet that, in terms of what the board does best, next year will be just as eventful as the last.

For extra credit: Who's this? Hint: Think sludge treatment.
For extra credit: Who's this? Hint: Think sludge treatment.

Does your IQ pass the test? How you did (based on the number of correct answers):

0-2: You are an empathetic mugwump. But don´t worry; that only means you are an average South Floridian who fits right in.

3-6: Congratulations, you are obviously literate and have used your ambulatory skills to occasionally pick up a newspaper during the past year. In other words, you´re the cream of the Broward crop.

7-8: You´re knowledge is such that you should be rich. Run for office or register as a lobbyist today!

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