Emo on the Skids

Fall Out Boy tries to outgrow its own genre

Step 3...

Well, step 3 involves taking over the world, and that requires time.

¨I think, to me, it´s that this is a brand,¨ he says of his entrepreneurial adventures. ¨It´s a culture. We´ve taken notes from, like, older Def Jam, back when LL Cool J was there. You bought every record that came out of it. The last record was so hot, you didn´t know what the next record was going to be, but you knew you were going to buy it. Also, I think when you get to be a band of our size, corporate involvement is just a necessary evil, so I think, Why can´t you just be that corporation?´ Why do you need a middle man?¨

Gee, Fall Out Boy doesn't look like an emo band.
Gee, Fall Out Boy doesn't look like an emo band.


Fall Out Boy performs Saturday, June 16, at Sound Advice Amphitheatre, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach. Paul Wall, +44, and the Academy Is... are also on the bill. Tickets start at $23.75, and the show starts at 6 p.m. Call 561-795-8883, or visit www.soundadviceamp.com.

Wentz laughs when his plot to conquer the planet through music is revealed. ¨Yeah, there´s definitely a part of me that´s not ashamed to admit I want to be in the biggest band on the planet,¨ he says.

Stump acknowledges his bandmate´s plans for world domination. ¨We all aspire to things outside our reach,¨ he says, ¨but, I think more than anything, that´s what drives [Pete].¨

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