Fourth Dimension


Fourth Dimension performs Wednesday, June 27, at City Limits, 19 NE Third Ave., Delray Beach. The People Upstairs are also on the bill. The show starts at 11 p.m., and admission is free. Call 561-279-8222, or visit
Reggae isn´t the type of genre where you can fake it to make it. Plenty of musicians can try their hand at roots-rock reggae, but if they´re not familiar with playing it or singing it, the sound is going to suffer. Look no further than Snow or Matisyahu for evidence of that. So when you´re able to find a solid local four-piece like Fourth Dimension that can properly jam out on Caribbean rhythms, consider it a treat. Inspired by foreign reggae outfits like Aswad and Steel Pulse, Fourth Dimension offers a slightly more global approach to the genre and look as if it would be just as comfortable rocking in the favelas of Brazil as in Puerto Rico or at Tarpon Bend, the yuppie surf-and-turf bar in Fort Lauderdale. If you´ve seen it live, you know this group will throw down anywhere, and it gets the journeyman award for taking its conscious lyrics and one-drop reggae beat all over the tricounty area and spreading the love. Add to the mix that its brand of reggae is bilingual, catering to English and Spanish speakers, and Fourth Dimension is a genuine South Florida combination that can´t lose.
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