The Tastemaker

Local radio celeb DJ Entice is fresher than you think

With a possible album coming out -- Entice also moonlights as a producer -- and mixtapes with Currency from Cash Money and Stack$ from SOBE Entertainment all coming to fruition, Entice knows how important it is to stay focused. ¨You gotta stay humble,¨ he says, ¨because a lot of DJs get gassed up, and they don´t realize that you gotta pay a lot of dues as a DJ, just like anything else. Don´t try and DJ parties and you´re not ready. A lot of times, you think you´re ready and you´re not ready. When you go to the club and you´re opening up for a headliner like DJ Khaled or DJ Irie, don´t just play all the hits -- do something to stand out.¨

Entice has already won two awards from the Annual Mix Show Power Summit, including Rookie of the Year and Afternoon Mix Show of the Year, so clearly he´s found a craft where he can excel. He knows his success comes not just from hard work but from the support of the people. Don´t let all the side projects fool you: Entice hopes to be on the radio for years to come.

¨I love working at 99 Jamz -- I wouldn´t change a thing about it,¨ he says. ¨The fact that I get to come in and make people enjoy their day by doing what I really love to do -- you can´t beat that.¨

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