Father and Law

A retired Hollywood cop would do almost anything to help his son — maybe a little too much

So Bryan wouldn't be hired as a Hollywood cop.

"I said, 'What? This is nothing,' " Larry Hoisington recalls. " 'You have cops doing all kinds of things out there. This kid did nothing wrong.' "

Larry says Granteed told him that Bryan would be allowed to stay in the academy and graduate but that as a condition, Bryan would have to resign after he graduated.

Blackmore doesn't remember cutting off Bryan Hoisington, but she can't forget what happened next.
Blackmore doesn't remember cutting off Bryan Hoisington, but she can't forget what happened next.

Still, this was a colossal favor. The city paid Bryan Hoisington a half-year's starting salary: $21,000, according to sources familiar with training costs. It paid the $3,500 cost of Hoisington's education at the academy, plus several hundred dollars for his graduation uniform and hundreds more for his books. That's a roughly $25,000 investment by Hollywood taxpayers, all for an officer who would never wear the uniform. When Bryan Hoisington graduated from the academy in late June, as per Granteed's instructions, he resigned.

But Bryan needed a job, and if he couldn't work in Hollywood, then perhaps Hollywood would work for him.

Says Larry: "I was told by [Miramar Police] Chief [Mel] Standley that [Hollywood Police] Chief Scarberry called there and said, 'Will you hire the kid? He's a good kid. We just can't hire him here.' "

Granteed and a few other higher-ups made similar calls, says Larry Hoisington, who also says he met personally with Standley and Miramar Police Assistant Chief Keith Dunn. Larry says he expected his son to land a job with that department. "They were going to hire him," he says. "But something happened — I don't know what. Somebody is out to sabotage my son's life for some reason."

Miramar Police spokesman Bill Robertson refused to state specific reasons for Bryan Hoisington's not being hired except to say, "He was passed over for more competitive candidates."

Perhaps Sue Blackmore knows what happened. When Miramar police contacted her about Bryan, she says, "I told them I'd be scared to death of that kid carrying a gun."

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