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Starter for 10 (HBO)

Despite the produced-by-Tom-Hanks pedigree, this bit of cine-Brit-pop never made much of a mark in the States, which is surprising, since it's a thoughtfully made compendium of every set-in-the-1980s high-school movie ever made, down to its new-wave score, skinny-tie wardrobe, and cutie-pie love triangle. James McAvoy's a "clever" small-town Brit attending big-city Bristol University, where he's wowed by the hoity-toity WASP hottie Alice (Alice Eve) and wooed by the just-as-pretty Jewish protest chick Rebecca (Rebecca Hall). In its rush to fill 96 minutes with as many clichÈs as possible, Starter for 10 begins to take on the air of something a little too familiar, but it's so utterly charming — McAvoy has that young Hugh Grant thing going for him — you won't mind. Indeed, it's got a nice secondhand nostalgic buzz to it. — Wilonsky

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